♥ Hello Gorgeous!! 

This blogshop is owned by Rosie Posie and Yan Nazdria from White Daizy. White Daizy was registered with SSM (SA-0148857), so shop with confidence!! You have nothing to worry about.. 

We have been on Facebook for quite some time.. RP also has own blogshop selling authentic stuff... but RP and Yan, we have decided to come up with this blog specially created for crafts. So no worries, you still can reach us here or in facebook!! 

What we offer??

From time to time.. it might change coz we dont want to fix it to any specific stuff..we will try to varies our products.. but anyhow.. it will still be focusing more to:
baby and kids stuff for feeding, travel, and much more... 
mommies handbags..clothes..shoes.. (daddies stuffs's are also available ^^)
craft items.. HANDMADE.. by Yan and RP..OURSELVES!! ( great isnt it?? ^^)
and sooooo much more...

If you have any doubts, kindly mail  rosie.craftloft@yahoo.com .

♥ Happy Shopping!!